Another Example Post

July 7, 2020

This is where you will write the post. The title you input above will show as the title on the page. You can add other text and image elements below. There are lots of formatting options that will appear automatically when you highlight text. Just highlight the text and choose the desired formatting.

H3 Section Title

If the post has more than one section you can use the built in styles to create a separate section title. Highlight the text and choose "H3" (Heading size 3) to change the regular text into a section title. To add an image, push return to start a new line, then click the plus (+) sign. Choose the image icon (it looks like a mountain with a rising run) t hen choose the image you want to add. Click on the image to change it's alignment in relation to he text.

H4 Subsection title

Just another example of another kind of sub heading. It works the same way. Just highlight the text and choose the size you want (H4 in this case just above). Below is a bulleted list. To create this push enter to start a new line. Click the plus (+) sign and choose the bullet list icon. Type your first item then hit enter to go to the next line.

  • bullet item 1
  • bullet item 2
  • bullet item 3
  • bullet item 4